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North Star Academy Laval (NSAL) is an academic organization that meets the needs of the student-no matter how diverse his/her style of learning may be. With much dedication and perseverance, Mme. Pepin has laid the school’s foundation- one that speaks to each child: “You can succeed. I will help you. I won’t give up on you.” That foundation has flourished into an institution whose teachers offer individualized attention to all of their students. The small classroom sizes ensure that my son is not left behind in any facet of his schooling. The integration of technology within the classroom, and the implementation of after-school tutorial sessions further enhance my son’s quality of education. Finally, the school’s extra curricular activities and sports programs provide my son with occasions to develop his social/team-building skills, which are just as essential as one’s academic education. These teachers are not only qualified and dedicated professionals, but wonderful human beings who lead by example. I can rest assured that my son is in good hands for every hour of the day that he spends at NSAL.Ultimately, NSAL has gone above and beyond in educating my son, as he prepares for the “real” world. The school continues to provide my son with a safe, healthy and hygienic environment at all times. Its cafeteria services have designed meals and menus that surely bring a smile to my son’s face. Most importantly, I cannot be thankful enough for Engrade; NSAL’s online Agenda that not only offers the tools my son needs to organize and remain up to date with classes, assignments, and extra-curricular activities/school events, but also allows me to be a part of my child’s education. Mme. Pepin, alongside the teachers and staff strive to provide my son with opportunities and experiences that will surely make his education at NSAL unforgettable. At NSAL, I feel like my son and I are family- Mrs. Santuccione