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My daughter has been attending NorthStar Academy Laval for two years. Her sister will be joining her in September. In my opinion Northstar Academy is not just another private school rather an educational place where students can learn, grow and flourish. Their success comes from a staff of faculty and teachers that go way beyond what is expected. The students are encouraged and guided in all areas. Northstar Academy is everything that I had hoped for in secondary education for my daughter and much much more.Thank you Northstar Academy for making my daughter’s secondary education an amazing experience!Debbie Kohoutek After years of struggling with his grades in the public school system, our son has achieved getting his name on the honour roll after only on term at NSA. NSA’s small classrooms and supportive staff have encouraged and helped him to focus in class and gain self-esteem. Thank you, NSA, for giving our son a second chance. Sincerely, Proud NSA parents.