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I like NSA because it has a good education system, with fun activities, fun pop-quiz, and learning at NSA is my favorite way to learn. I also like NSA because they let students have a voice and to have an opinion on like: Things we would want, things we would like to change.(Student Council).NSA feels like my home, it is peaceful and fun, I feel welcomed and surrounded by people I cherish. I also like the teachers because they are always there for all the students and they go and see us if they feel we are anxious, sad, mad , they will even go see you at recess or at lunch. Those teachers give me the feeling to want to learn to be creative and imaginative!!!!!THANK YOU NSA FOR BEING SO PERFECT!!!! (See I am saying all those beautiful things about my new school and I didn’t even finish one year!!!! I just can’t wait for the following years ???? Sophie