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I attend North Star Academy (NSA). I came upon this school, after moving from Edmonton, Alberta. The move to Laval, Quebec, was difficult. I had to leave my existing life behind, and start all over. Thank goodness I found NSA. The school’s teachers, staff, and students were all very welcoming from the moment I walked through the doors. I am so proud to be attending NSA. The teachers put extensive amounts of time and effort into our education, not only to better us as students, but to mould us into good human beings. North Star Academy’s educational curriculum continuously prepares us for the next milestone: college. The teachers are always well-prepared, and go above and beyond to teach us, and clear up any confusion or lack of understanding about the lessons. The teachers offer us tutorials to make sure we are always well prepared for our tests, assignments and exams. They even walk us through challenges such as when we’re having problems with friends or dealing with other personal/social issues. In addition, the school offers many extra curricular activities, clubs, and sports programs to participate in. As a student of NSA, I have access to all of these resources. NSA makes me happy, and I am so grateful for that. Zakaria El Bouhssini