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Why do I appreciate my school so much? Primarily, NSA is my home away from home. When I get up in the morning, I do not feel the burden to leave, as I know that I am making my way to another place of warmth and comfort. The students and staff at NSA continue to make my schooling an enjoyable experience. There is no doubt in my mind that the teachers prepare us 100% for the struggles that we will face as we mature. We have been able to connect with them in such a way that we are able to smile and joke, and then turn around to prepare for an upcoming test. The teachers not only give us notes to study, but also help us grasp the concepts at hand. Furthermore, NSA provides its students the opportunity to make some great friends. I have been able to build strong friendships, and not have to worry about fears of being hurt by others. The school’s size ensures all issues will be addressed instantly. North Star Academy is not just a learning facility. It is much more; NSA is a safe haven for education. Serena Mohamed