ESL and Canadian Culture Intensive Program

Our Engish Language Learners (ESL) Program is designed to support students who are looking to learn English as their second or third language. Students arrive at North Star Academy and will be immersed in intensive English and Canadian culture to help start their Canadian education path towards success. The process for language assessment is simple, all students take the Comprehensive English Test prior to arriving in the country.

Proficient English Speakers International Program

All students are required to take the Comprehensive English Test. If you have a working knowledge of English and ability to communicate and comprehend subject area content, you may be qualified to begin your program of choice upon arrival. Proficiency is established by the Comprehensive English test results.

First weeks with the Academy

Our program immerses beginner English students in intensive classes and culture classes for the first 10-weeks. We provide second language learners with the English tools and learning about Canadian culture and traditions that they require to successfully transition into their program of study.

Students are placed in the ESL program based on their scores on a Comprehensive English Test that they take prior to their arrival at the Academy.
During the remaining periods, the students are immersed in the regular classroom in physical education and health, art or music and basic French. This provides students an opportunity to get to know their classmates, to converse in English with native speakers, and to understand the Canadian School system and culture even better.

Program hours

50 periods per cycle (60 minutes per period)
36 periods of intense English and cultural immersion (18 hours per week)
14 periods integrated into regular classrooms

After the 10-week Program, students may be promoted into their program of choice or to start to earn credits towards a Quebec diploma OR if their English remains a struggle, they will complete the year in an ESL program for the remainder of the year in order to ensure they can transition into a program of choice in the following academic year.

Your Success, Our Priority