Senior school


Building competencies for an ever changing world

North Star Academy’s Senior school, grades 9-11, prides itself in challenging our students with a dynamic curriculum, preparing them for their upcoming transition to CEGEP and University. At this level, program choices start to expand to meet student interests and goals, our Signature Programs include choices in:

  • Advanced Math and Science options
  • Pre-calculus
  • Enriched English and French programs
  • Financial Literacy
  • Music and Visual Arts
  • Concentrations in Music and Sports
  • Targeted volunteer activities to expand their competencies

An importance is placed on student exposure to a multitude of career options, experiences and opportunities. Professional guest visits, outings and projects help students to explore their own skills, abilities and interests in relation to the world of work. Students receive guidance from faculty as they prepare to apply to CEGEP programs.

North Star Academy Laval recognizes the value of excellence in academic advising. Each student is guided from “Admissions to Graduation”. Through our unique conferencing, students receive one on one meetings, building a collaborative relationship with the academic advisor in order to assist each student in developing meaningful educational goals that are consistent with personal interests, values and abilities.

Technology evolves in our Senior School as we work towards independence and guide students to make informed choices in their use of technology. Through the use of Google classroom our students use their devices to collaborate, research and develop their study skills—building competencies for an ever changing world. Parents receive a weekly summary of class events as well as access to our online communication system: Dash, where you receive up to date information on results on assignments, homework and evaluations.

Courses and Signature Programs

Your Success, Our Priority