NSAL Transportation The school transportation is carried out by RM buses, a reputable transporter in the area. This company has more than 20 years of experience and takes extra care in acquiring competent and courteous staff. Buses are changed regularly to offer the best quality in this type of transport. During the school year, 22 buses serve the entire territory. Some 1 500 students, located in ten colleges, use this School Transportation Service, a well-organized transportation system. The itinerary and number of circuits are established each year from the entries received and may be slightly different from one year to the next.

As a general rule, the registration period for the school Transportation Service takes place during the month of March. The confirmation of the journey, the timetable and the route map, determined by the carrier, are communicated to you in August, before the start of the beginning of the school year.

Please click on the following link to inscribe your child for transportation services: FORMULAIRE D'INSCRIPTION POUR LE TRANSPORT SCOLAIRE

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