Student Services

Young minds need healthy food to support their learning and growth, and our school cafeteria is an important way to promote and support healthy eating behaviours for students.
The Cafeteria offers hot meals, snacks, and beverages each day. Students can also bring a meal from home and have it warmed up in one of the microwave ovens available to them.
Our food service provider, Traiteur Gourmet PK, takes pride in serving nutritious foods and balanced meals. The meals are made with high quality ingredients and promote healthy eating.

Meal Plans

All main meals will include fresh vegetables, salad, and a juice. On a daily basis, students will have a choice of a hot meal, assorted sandwiches, hot or cold, salads, fruits, juice soups, etc. for the early risers, we will have a selection of baked goods, bagels, toast, and cereal.

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2018 - 2019 Lunch Menu
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