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Each student, each day reaches for the stars


The Polaris Foundation helps students reach for the stars by providing financial assistance to individuals and to the collective student body of North Star Academy Laval in various academic related areas.
The Polaris Foundation creates opportunities for all students at North Star Academy Laval through four support initiatives

  1. Tuition bursaries
  2. Scholarships
  3. Educational innovations
  4. Community Connections

Tuition Bursaries

  • Yearly, the Foundation supports students with Bursaries for students to access private education by subsidizing a portion of the tuition costs. With only two English education options on the entire North Shore of Montreal, Polaris believes that access to an English education should not be limited due to financial constraints.


  • Scholarships are offered yearly for students entering grade 7, who have a certificate of eligibility and who choose private school education.

Education Innovations

  • When special projects or technological innovations require financial support the faculty can submit a request to the Foundation for additional funding.

Community Connections

  • Community Connections are academically linked activities that involve either bringing in the community to the school through guest speakers or special events or bringing students out into the community. Faculty can request support for events which go above their annual allowance for such events.

To make a donation to the Polaris Foundation, please either fill out the:

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For more information about the foundation, please feel free to contact us at (450) 973-9797.
On behalf of our students and faculty, THANK YOU!

Josee Pepin
On behalf of the board of directors

Your Success, Our Priority