Pre-Uni Grade 12


North Star Academy Laval welcomes all students local to global who want to experience a high quality Canadian education.

OUR GRADE 12 PROGRAM is an opportunity to acquire a Canadian High School Diploma as you prepare to apply to some of the best Colleges or Universities situated right here, in Montreal, or anywhere around the world. North Star Academy Laval’s grade 12 program offers a wide range of course selections to suit each student’s interests and goals.

Unique Approach

Since 2015, North Star Academy Laval has used a blended learning approach to offer students a unique, top quality education experience. Students work with Canadian experts in their fields in a virtual learning environment, as well as with the guidance of our local certified teachers in the classroom. Our experienced faculty ensure all students set attainable goals and practices for a successful outcome and receive academic advising, an information service designed to help students with educational decision-making.

What you can Expect
  • Courses adapted to your learning
  • Meeting and developing lasting contacts with students from around the world
  • A multicultural environment
  • Participation in North Star Academy Laval’s events and opportunities
  • Experiencing student life by participating in the Athletic and Artistic departments
  • Being mentored throughout your semester
  • Customized program guidance
  • One on one support to apply to College or University
  • Tutoring available
  • Through successful completion of the program: an Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma (OSSD) which is esteemed by Universities Around the world and Canada, including Quebec.
Grade 12 Diploma Requirements

The NSAL grade 12 program is an opportunity to acquire an Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma (OSSD), esteemed by Universities Around the world, in Canada, including Quebec.


30 Credits throughout grade 9 to 12 are required to receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Prior credits must be submitted and will be calculated for you. Your academic advisor assigned to you will ensure you are on your way to success!

Community Service Involvement

The purpose of the community involvement requirement is to encourage students to develop awareness and understanding of civic responsibility, the role they can play and the contributions they can make in supporting and strengthening their communities.

OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test)

Successful completion of the literacy test is one of the requirements to earn your Ontario Secondary School Diploma. From registering students for the OSSLT to prepping them for success through practice and tutorials, North Star Academy’s qualified faculty will guide and support you through this process.

Registration is on-going.

Our largest groups arrive in August, as this is the start of the school year for local students. However, students may begin a course at any time of the year, as do some international students. 

Program Choices

NSAL offers 5 different profiles:

  1. Commerce
  2. Social Science
  3. Computer Science
  4. Engineering Science 
  5. Health Science
Numerous courses are available to help you enter University in the following areas:
  • Agriculture, Food, Forestry, Resource Management, Vet Sciences
  • Architecture, Building & Planning
  • Biological Sciences
  • Business & Administrative Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Creative Arts & Design
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Historical, Philosophical & Religious Studies
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, Cultures & Societies
  • Mass Communications & Documentation
  • Mathematics
  • Medicine and Related Subjects
  • Physical Sciences
  • Social Sciences 


*Note that grade 12 graduates do not meet all requirements for direct entry to medicine, dentistry, or law.

Your Success, Our Priority