North Star Academy Laval

Technology Minded English Private School

Each student, each day

Inclusion and personalized attention in a small class setting with a faculty team approach to educate each student in every grade.

Engaging classes

From clear goals to differentiated curricula and teaching strategies our faculty work endlessly to make learning enticing for each type of learner.

Give students an edge

All our students graduate and successfully enter college.

Safe and secure

Knowing your child is in good hands in high school is the peace of mind our parents look for in a school.

Community Connections - Remise Desjardins

On December 2nd, our Community Connections partner Desjardins awarded North Star Academy Laval with a $2000 grant that will be used to enhance our digital library. We are very grateful to have received this award and look forward to working together on future projects.
"Ensemble pour faire une différence."

Latest News

Community Connections: Physio Extra

Community Connections: Physio Extra

Giving students opportunities to learn first-hand from professionals is the core of our Community Connections. On Tuesday, March 9th, one of our Grade 12 students spent the day with our Community Connections partner, @physio.extra learning about the different forms of therapy. Emile shares his experience "Thanks to NSA, I had the chance to spend a day at Physio Extra to see what the job of a physiotherapist looks like. I was able to see several spheres of the clinic, meeting with some physiotherapists, occupational therapists and an acupuncturist. I was able to watch them treat their patients while I asked all of the questions I had after having been interested in the field for several years as a student athlete. I learned a lot about physiotherapy and had fun with the team at Physio Extra. They were really welcoming and enthusiastic and they love their job. I really enjoyed my time and I would definitely consider pursuing this career now in the future."

Math Contests

Math Contests

Grade 9, 10, and 11 students participated in the Pascal, Cayley, and Fermat nationwide math contest organized by the University of Waterloo once again! These math contests are an opportunity for students to have fun and develop their mathematical problem-solving ability. Students who attain a score of 75% or higher will receive medals and certificates from the university!

Health and Wellness Week at NSA

Health and Wellness Week at NSA

In celebration of Nutrition Week, North Star Academy Laval students attended a virtual workshop “Post-Covid Self-Care” held by Nutritionist Christiane Elshaer ( IG: @nutritionbliss_ ). Christiane shared her knowledge on the importance of making healthy nutritional choices and how these choices have positive effects on our minds and body.

We teach not only for school, but for life

Bringing the world to our students and our students to the world is a key focus of our school —through diverse extra-curricular activities and by connecting students with community through projects, volunteer opportunities, visits, and travel—learning to become active citizens in a community.

We teach not only for school, but for life.
Your private school in your community for your child.



  • Sending our daughter to Northstar Academy has been the best decision our family could have made. The academics of NSA is structured not only to inspire but to help the students aspire to have better grades all at the same time respecting that not all students learn in the same way or speed. The teachers are exceptional and the Engrade system keeps parents updated on our children’s progress daily. The small classrooms and the daily tutorials has become a god-send and literally changed my daugh...
    -- Shayne Lynch

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North Star Academy Laval:

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We are known for our small class sizes, our focus on individualized learning and customized programs and strategies that guide students to develop at their own pace, within high academic standards.

Our online system allows you to stay connected at home, knowing when tasks are assigned, when results are posted for your child, upcoming projects and events, and easy access to reach each of us, at any time.

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