Elite Athlete Program


Elite Athlete Program

We provide our student athletes with a supportive environment, as this will enable them to succeed academically while pursuing their athletic careers. We also provide them time to work on their school assignments and to access remedial help when required. Students enrolled in the concentration component must also meet criteria respecting level of ability and training.

William Duquette

William Duquette attended North Star Academy 1,2 and first semester of Secondary 3 scholastic years. Thanks to the Academy’s intensive English curriculum, William became fluently bilingual. This allowed him to transfer to an all-English school in Florida where he was able to follow his dream of Sports/Golf education and practice.
As a result of his scholastic and tournament achievements, William was recruited with a full scholarship by Kansas University, to join their 2019 golf team, which currently ranks among the best in the United States. William will now be able to pursue his passion and simultaneously complete his studies in Civil engineering. Currently, William is one of the top Young Canadian golfers. – William Duquette

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