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Signature Student Life

Signature Student Life is weaved into high school life. These activities are what brings school spirit into the day-to-day learning, and which are an integral part of social development for teens. Opportunities include a blend of tradition, choice and social responsibility development.

Signature Student life includes:

Required Activities
20 Volunteer Hours
In-house Extra-Curricular Activities (students select a minimum of 1 activity from a list of many offered at lunch or after school).
Member of a school based House team (Sapphire – Strength, Ruby – Knowledge, Emerald – Compassion, Amber – Integrity) 
Monday mornings House Assembly

Annual Events
Community outreach (NSA gives Back; AGAPE Holiday baskets; Year round Clothing Drive; etc. need text on these)
NSA traditions (Gold Star Show, etc.)

Annual Trips
Although these trips are optional, students are highly encouraged to attend as the activities in class often build up to these trips or require a report or project after the trip. Field trips (local to international)
Grade 7: Morin Heights Camp 
Grade 8: Quebec City 
Grade 9: Boston/New York 
Grade 10: Ottawa 
Grade 11: International Europe Trip 
Annual Trips 
Annual Events 

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