Signature Programs

Signature Programs

Signature Programs and Activities: Your Path to Academic Success!

At North Star Academy Laval we provide quality contemporary private school education that enables students to be contributing and connected members of the community through a selection of signature programs.
Our Signature Programs meet the needs of diverse learners by being forward looking. We prepare our students to compete and be successful in a world of endless information, technology and connectivity.

For success in the new creative economy and society, our students must graduate well rounded with new abilities, or creative capacities, in addition to what high schools have traditionally provided. Choose one of our programs and point your child to academic success.

In an ever expanding technological and socially connected world, students at NSA will have the unique experience of developing their competencies in real life situations through community-based connections. Students must be interdisciplinary in the way they learn and act; engage and are comfortable with complex systems and issues; and navigate a shifting career landscape. They must be technically savvy and capable with social media, and increasingly aware that collaboration is at the heart of their success.

They are less likely to have traditional jobs, and more likely to have regularly changing jobs that are ideas-driven, values-oriented, and entrepreneurial-dependent. Their success may be defined by how well they can integrate ideas, thinking across domains, and draw from carrying expertise and perspectives using socially specific skills they develop though various experiences as connected community members.

What are Signature Programs and Activities?

There are three categories of Signature Programs at North Star Academy:

Signature ACADEMIC Programs Signature COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS Signature Student Life

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