Student Life

Pre-University/Grade 12

Student Life

Signature Activities

Signature Activities are weaved into high school student life. These activities are what bring school spirit into the day-to-day learning, and which is an integral part of social development for teens. Opportunities include a blend of tradition, choice and social responsibility development. The teen years are a time of rapid change and growth, teens feel strongly about many topics and often want to have a positive impact or make change happen. There are many opportunities for our students to develop their community connections and social activism interests. We are always open to new initiatives and ideas that motivate our students to do more.

The House System

North Star Academy house system is designed to promote and reward student leadership, school participation and community outreach at all levels. Fostering a sense of pride and community. Membership in houses fosters a sense of pride in their school, a sense of community, mentoring opportunities and close personal relationships with students in higher and lower grades. All students are involved in inter-house competition covering the full range of NSAL activities: academics, athletics, arts and cultural activities, as well as community service. Each house represents a quality boasted in the school ethos. Fostering Knowledge, Compassion, Strength and Integrity

A Sense of Community

A Sense of Community North Star Academy Laval seeks to create well educated individuals who become active citizens of the world—starting with the communities around them. As part of this element of learning, students are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service. Community Service encourages students to become engaged citizens by: teaching values of commitment and responsibility, contributing to the school and the community at large, building knowledge and understanding of the community, and developing a sense of pride that a good deed has been done.

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